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FAQ – Häufige Fragen

Questions and answers:

Do I have to bring a partner?

No, Lindy Hop is a social dance. You can sign up for the classes as a single leader or follower. However, it is always great to bring friends and “dancing couples” have priority during the registration.  A “dancing couple” can be any combination of dancing partners, for instance girls can also sign up together as “follower” and “leader”.

What is a social dance?

Social dancing usually implies spontaneous and improvised dancing to Jazz music with or without a partner. Usually people only dance one or two songs with one partner and afterwards they swap dancing partners.

What shoes should I wear?

Although there are many options, we recommend a pair of trainers for the beginning. Usually slippery, smooth soles are great to do slides but any pair of trainers will  do for the beginning.  

Please make sure that you avoid any shoes that leave black marks on the floor, street shoes or high heels. If you are not sure, come to our social dance and start by wearing something comfortable.

Why do you rotate dance partners during class?

We want to encourage practising and dancing with everyone. It’s a tradition to rotate partners and you will be able to better adapt to your partners during the social dance.

I missed a class. Can I redo it? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund classes. You can always retake the same Level next semester.

Can I attend one class to see if I like it?

We are afraid you cannot attend our classes without registration.  However, you can attend our social dance and talk to the instructors and the community. Everyone is happy to help. Don’t hesitate to ask for a dance. 🙂

I’m an experienced dancer in another form of dancing, for example Bachata / Standard Dancing.. At which level should I start?

We strongly recommend you start with the BASICS class as the connection, rhythm and the basic step is very different to other dances. If you are a fast learner, you can use the chance to work on those details that make you look good on the dancefloor.