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Swing Tanzen in Trier und Umgebung

Was ist Lindy Hop?

What is Lindy Hop?
Lindy Hop is a partner dance, consisting of a lead and a follower. Unlike many dances, lead and follow are not synonymous with man and a woman; both men and women may take the role of either lead or follower. Lindy Hop is a social dance, meaning that we do not have a fixed `dance partner’ which one often finds in other dances. Sounds like fun? Why don’t you give it a try?

Video 1: A short history of Swing Dancing, Copyright: Yehoodi Swings

Video 2: Contemporary Lindy Hop Video with Scott Cupit and Trisha Sewell from the UK, Copyright: Lindy Swing, DJam
The video starts with Charleston moves, a dance taught in tandem with Lindy Hop.

Dancing Swing with Lindy Hop Circle Trier

In Lindy Hop Circle Trier People meet to share their joy on Dancing. Especially we love and live the culture of the swing era of the years 1920 to 1940s. Regularly we have classes, meet to common social dance and organize Swing-Events in Trier and surrounding.