Lindy Hop Circle Trier e.V.

Swing Tanzen in Trier und Umgebung

Quattropole Swing

Over the last few years, local swing dance scenes have been established in the four cities of Luxembourg, Trier, Metz and 12746129_10208812300649430_1505057639_n (1)Saarbrücken. From the very beginning, dancers from the different scenes have benefited from what these scenes have to offer and have attended parties as well as workshops in the other cities. To this day, what they all have in common is a strong enthusiasm for swing dance (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz and Blues). This style of dance also champions the philosophy of bring

ing together people of all origins. Communication through dance overcomes any obstacle, and is easy for everyone to learn and implement.

In May 2016, the first Quattropole Swing Exchange took place and was well attended by more than 200 participants

. On 2 weekends, local as well as international swing dancers got to know the four cities and danced together. Thus, in QuattroPole-Swing, an institution has been created which will contribute to cross-border communication in the swing dance sphere and will jointly plan, carry out and continue to develop a lot of exciting projects.

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