Lindy Hop Circle Trier e.V.

Swing Tanzen in Trier und Umgebung



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Level descriptions:


BASICS class is for those with no previous experience dancing Lindy Hop or for those who only took some classes and would like to repeat it. This class is also for those who wish to work on their basics. Even if you have experience dancing other dances, we recommend you to take this class.
The aim of the course is to teach the basic steps and figures of Lindy Hop, the structure of swing music and rhythm and to guide you towards having your first dance on the social dance floor. In this course you will learn basic 6-count and 8-count patterns.


…is for dancers who already have some Lindy Hop experience, such as those who completed the BASICS course. To be successful in this level you need to be familiar with the basic Lindy Hop figures like Circle, Tuck Turn, He-goes, She-goes and Send-Out.  More importantly, you should be comfortable on the social dance floor, having attended some social dances. You are ready and willing to learn, develop your connection skills while partner dancing and expand your repertoire of Lindy Hop steps and figures. You want to become a better dancer, as this course will challenge you.