Lindy Hop Circle Trier e.V.

Swing Tanzen in Trier und Umgebung


3rd of February in 2019: Birthday Party, Kasino am Kornmarkt 
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For some years, local swing dance scenes have emerged in the four cities of Luxembourg, Trier, Metz and Saarbrücken. They all share the enthusiasm for swing dancing (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz and Blues). This dance style represents the philosophy of connecting people of all backgrounds and generations. Communication across the dance is easy for anyone to learn and implement, beyond any barrier. Together we organize a Swing-Exchange once a year, giving dancers the opportunity to participate in a rich program in four cities. In addition, there is the opportunity to visit the events of the four dance scenes all year round.

In Trier we regularly offer beginner courses that start in the fall and the beginning of the year. In addition, our free social dance takes place in the bar hall of the Youth Center Mergener Hof on Thursdays. The opportunity to learn the first basic steps, to repeat the ones learned in the courses or just to have fun dancing.

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